House of Minis

25 Jun

Food Diary: House of Minis. This is a very special restaurant for me and my family. As our tradition, we always eat here after somebody graduates from high school. We usually go to the branch along C5, but we’ve eaten in the Greenhills branch (where the photos were taken) a couple of times. However, I’m not with a different family in these set of photos – my college barkada. I’ve always wanted to eat here with them, and finally my wish was granted.

They’ve increased prices since we first started eating here, but it’s still very affordable to think they’re serving steaks. My favorite: tenderloin! I also do like their fillet mignon and ala pobre. I prefer ordering the mini steaks though now I can consume the bigger ones. Haha. The small one’s enough for me, given that along with the steak is a full-course meal: soup, bread, salad, dessert. I’ve always loved the mushroom soup and the dinner rolls they serve. I’m not much of a fan of their salad (the serving’s small and there’s not much in it). The dessert is always ice cream but the flavor varies. Budget is around Php 300-500? Or maybe Php 300’s a little too low. Good enough, right? The quality of the food is superb, too.

The branch in Greenhills is kind of small, though. Kind of cramped up with poor lighting and not very easy to find. It’s on one of the ground floors next to establishments selling cloth or whatever. Plus it closes early, like 8:30 pm. The C5 branch is more spacious, has a better ambience, and has lots of its own parking. Anyway, this restaurant has never failed to satisfy my appetite and I always look forward to dining here.:)


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